FSX Westland Lynx SH14D - Royal Netherlands Navy

May 21, 2017
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Westland Lynx SH14-D (RoyalNeth.Navy)

SH14-C Lynx upgraded to a common standard by the Royal Netherlands Navy under the STAMOL programme with Gem 42 engines, provision for dipping sonar and FLIR. 22 upgraded.
The Royal Netherlands Navy's (RNN) Naval Aviation Service operated fleet of 24 Lynx for a total of 36 years, entering service in 1976 and phased out in 2012 after being extensively used. These performed search and rescue, anti-submarine warfare, anti-surface warfare and special forces support tasks while operating from the flightdecks of most RNN vessels during this period. In 1993, the RNN fleet were upgraded to a common Lynx SH-14D standard. In 1999, a design defect in the rotor-head used on some Lynx aircraft was responsible for the loss of a Dutch aircraft in 1999; this led to a number of Lynx worldwide to be temporarily grounded until retrofitted with new titanium rotor-heads. (source: wikipedia.org)

Unzip the "Westland_Lynx_SH14D" file, and put the Gauges & Simobjects files into your main FSX folder.
If ask to copy says Yes.


- A common bug are the invisible Rotor-blades when you fly trough heavy clouds.
- And still no working VC..sorry

2D Panel made by myself with FSPS and a little simplified. Upgrade some textures.

Credits: AlphaSim (Basics) Virtavia, Microsoft, Danny Garnier, PanelBasher.

Best Regards, Arthur Vince NL

(this heli was dedicated to 7 en 860 squadron MLD, because i was living near the now closed naval base Valkenburg MVKV in the Netherlands)


Arthur Vince
May 22, 2017, 9:49 a.m.

If someone can fix those nasty bugs, be my guest.. gr. AV