Published on November 24, 2014 by Mike

X-Plane 10 Mobile coming to the Apple App Store

X-Plane 10 will be coming soon to the Apple App Store.

Coming soon to the Apple App Store…


This holiday season, the world’s most advanced flight simulator will make its way to iPhones and iPads.

A revolutionary upgrade over Version 9, X-Plane 10 Mobile will make our desktop users jealous.
The best part?

It will be free to play.

You can read more here

Published on November 24, 2014 by Mike

This is the weekend addon recap for new addons that have been added for Saturday, November 22, 2014 to Sunday, Novemeber 23, 2014.

New Addons from November 22, 2014 to November 23, 2014

November 23, 2014

Published on November 21, 2014 by Mike

It's Friday and it is time for our weekly recap of new addons.

Every week we provide a list of the addons that have been uploaded during the week and this week we have new addons for Saturday, November 15, 2014 to Friday, Novemeber 21, 2014. Addons uploaded over the weekend are included in the next weekly recap.

New Addons from November 15, 2014 to November 21, 2014

November 19, 2014
November 18, 2014
November 17, 2014

Published on November 17, 2014 by Mike

We have been busy here as of late with building a new version of FSX Addons. It was due time for many improvments, below you can read a list of changes.

1. Many code and design improvements including a responsive design which is mobile friendly and handles lower resolutions.
2. Many improvements to listings of addons.
3. Search is now local and much more accruate for finding a specific addon.
4. Categories have been cleaned up and categories which made no sense to include have been removed.
5. New section for X-Plane.
6. Redesigned the details page for addons.
7. Improved commenting system.
8. Improved registration and login system which now allows you to login with Google, Facebook or Twitter.
9. Uploading of addons has been approved and is more straight forward.

If you happen to find something that is broken or have a suggesstion, feel free to join and leave a comment.

FSX Addons Team